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Mayor's Welcome Message

The welcome message from the Mayor.

The Tutorial refers to the general breakdown of basic game concepts that are introduced to a player upon joining RoPets for the first time. It involves the introduction of the pets system as well as the concept of taking care of one's pets. This article references the tutorial presented before a player when they join RoPets for the first time, however, several other in-game tutorials are also present which can be prompted by interacting with the NPCs present in-game:


When a player joins a server of RoPets for the first time, they are prompted by a message allegedly from the in-game Mayor, prompting them to make their way to the Pet Shop in order to receive a special prize. Upon reaching the Pet Shop, the player has to go up to the Mayor, who greets them by saying, "Ahh {DisplayName} you came! Here is your welcome present."

Thereafter the message from the Mayor, the player is prompted with a graphical user interface element (or UI) that allows them to choose their "starter" pet, one out of 8 pets in total. The pets that the player may choose from are as follows:

After choosing their desired pet, the player is congratulated and is then prompted with two different pet needs, that they are asked to fulfill to earn Coin Coins.